Structure and Membership


Nursing Homes Ireland is structured so that members are encouraged and assisted to play an active part in its deliberations and its decision-making process. 
Membership is open to all private and voluntary nursing homes which are registered and which agree to accept its policies and charter and who pay the appropriate membership fees. 
It is a prerequisite of membership that a person is a registered proprietor or is the nominee of a registered proprietor. If a person owns more than one registered nursing home, that person must register each and every nursing home and pay the appropriate fee. A person who does not agree to accept the policies and charter of NHI will not be accepted as a member. 
Two nominees of each member nursing home may attend 'general meetings' of regional committees. Each nursing home will be entitled to one vote a such meetings. 

Governance / Structure

Nursing Homes Ireland represents the interest of its members and the nursing home sector through an effective, democratic governance structure. As the national representative organisation for the Private and Voluntary Nursing Home sector, NHI is organised through 10 regional committees with Governance provided by a 12 member Board of Directors. 
The 12 member Board, elected annually, consists of the 10 elected regional committee representatives, a national nursing committee representative and a non executive Chairman appointed by the Board. 
The organisation is structured so that members are encouraged and assisted to play an active part in its deliberations and its decision making process. The NHI governance affords all members membership of one of ten regional committees; each region elects a representative to the Board of Directors. 
The regions elect a representative to the National Nursing Committee and a Regional Chair and regional Secretary. Furthermore each region elects annually a regional representative to named subcommittees as specified by the Board of Directors. Each of the 10 NHI regions currently directly elect, at Regional AGM, a representative to the following 3 Board subcommittees - Regulatory Affairs, Commercial & Financial Affairs and Public Affairs & Communications. 
To encourage and facilitate greater involvement of members in affairs of the organisation, NHI has establisted subcommittees of the Board of Directors to assist in managing the affairs of the organistion and to ensure that all relevant issues are appropriately addressed. 
The current NHI Board Subcomittees are as follows: 
  • Finance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • National Nursing Committee
  • Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee
  • Commercial & Financial Affairs Subcommittee 
  • Public Affairs & Communications Subcommittee 


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