Health's Ageing Crisis: Time for Action


BDO_Report.jpgHealth’s Ageing Crisis: Time For Action - A Future Strategy for Ireland's Long Term Residential Care Sector brings together extensive independent analysis and rigorous assessment of the Irish long-term residential care sector, the ageing demographic, and our older population’s projected healthcare requirements. This report’s conclusions inform of very stark consequences for older people and the wider health sector because of current planning and policy deficits. It projects shortfalls of thousands for long-term residential care beds by 2016 and 2021 and very serious consequences for the health service if the Fair Deal scheme is not appropriately resourced.

BDO was commissioned to undertake this timely, crucial and essential body of work by Nursing Homes Ireland, the representative organisation for the private and voluntary nursing homes in Ireland. Key statutory and non-statutory stakeholders have been consulted by BDO in their extensive research.

Published in February 2014, the report will play a key role in informing ongoing debate surrounding the care requirements of our older population. It provides considered, comprehensive analysis of the urgent necessity to plan now to meet our ageing population’s healthcare requirements. It also outlines significant potential of nursing home sector to create thousands of sustainable jobs in communities across Ireland.

Read Health's Ageing Crisis: Time for Action Executive Summary here and the press release issued to coincide with publication of the report Diverting essential nursing home funding will have huge cost says report here




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