NHI Events

Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) events are targeted and specific to members’ interests and those operating within the Irish long-term residential care and healthcare sectors. They are held publicly or in-house to specifically respond to issues that are of relevance to members.  

NHI events:

  • Deliver and explain important information that is pertinent to those operating within the nursing home sector
  • Provide expert advice on Statutory, regulatory and other matters
  • Respond to ongoing needs and issues of importance and relevance to those providing long-term residential care
  • Facilitate expert legal advice on issues affecting nursing homes
  • Host national and international expert speakers to discuss issues of pertinence and importance related to those delivering care to people with complex needs
  • Educate members on clinical and statutory matters that are of crucial importance to persons who provide long-term residential care
  • Bring nursing homes together to provide the sector with a unified voice on matters of critical importance and to facilitate feedback from individual nursing homes
  • Celebrate the achievements of the homes, their staff and their residents
    NHI events are ongoing and members are informed of forthcoming dates for their diary and these are also promoted regularly on the NHI website



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